Using Niche Demos

Canvas makes creating Websites a very easy process and it becomes even more easier with the inclusion of Niche Demos. Niche Demos are pre-made concepts of different categories of Websites requiring minimal setup with a faster turnaround time. All the Niche Demos run on the native style.css and css/js Files. You can find the Main Homepages of the Niche Demos in the Package/HTML Folder with the names: demo-{niche}.html Template.

To setup the Niche Demos you will need the following Folders/Files:

  • css/ Folder
  • images/ Folder (However, you can delete the Images inside this Folder according to your Preference, but don’t delete the images/icons/ Folder)
  • include/ Folder (However, you can delete the rs-plugin/ Folder if the Niche Demos does not use the Revolution Slider)
  • js/ Folder
  • demos/{niche}/ Folder
  • style.css File

You can simply delete the other files depending on what you want to use. Additionally, you simply rename the demo-{niche}.html File to index.html File so that this file is viewed as your Default Homepage. That’s All! You can now start Editing the Files according to your Website’s Needs.

Last Modified: December 10, 2019