Version 4.0

Released on 1st March, 2016

Note: We have made Lot of CSS/HTML/JS Changes and Rebuilt some of the Components from scratch for Unmatchable Flexibility & Speed Improvements. Please refer to Documentation > Start > Upgrading from v3 to v4 Section for Complete List of Changes. For small code changes, it is recommended that you use a File Compare Software.


  • Ability to Add Selected Widgets in Mega Menus
  • Ability to add Mixed Column Mega Menus
  • Ability to Add Unlimited Portfolios on a Single Page with Filters
  • Ability to Add Unlimited Shops on a Single Page
  • Global Function for Activating Isotope & Filter on any Grid
  • Speed Improvements, Javascript Optimizations & Less File Sizes
  • 2 Custom Inner Pages for the Travel Demo
  • Shortcode for Date & Time Pickers
  • Shortcode for Bootstrap Editable Fields
  • Shortcode for Bootstrap File Uploads
  • Shortcode for Range Sliders
  • Shortcode for Star Ratings
  • Shortcode for Select Picker & Select Boxes
  • Shortcode for Styled Toggle Switcher, Radio and Checkboxes
  • Bootstrap TypeAhead Component
  • Data Tables Component
  • 20+ Contact Form Templates with Google reCaptcha, File Uploads & Inline Submission Alerts
  • Option to Display a Alternate Menu in Mobile Devices
  • Facebook Video & HTML5 Video Embed Examples
  • Option to Add Multiple Email Address for Form Emails
  • Global Function for Owl Carousel for Easy Carousel Initialization
  • Global Function for Canvas Slider for Easy Slider Initialization
  • Global Function for Contact Forms
  • Global Function for Quick Contact Forms
  • Global Function for Subscription Forms
  • Contact, Quick Contact and Subscription Forms now show Message Specific Alerts
  • Added New Placeholder Images in Package for Better Development
  • GoToTop New Options for Easily Modifying Settings
  • Option to Enable/Disable GoToTop on Mobile Devices
  • Option to Show Avatars in Twitter Feeds
  • Boxed Layout Template in the Package
  • XXL Size for Styled Icons
  • Option to Show Arrows in Main Level Primary Menu for Dropdowns
  • Option to enable Element Animate Out


  • Bootstrap Updated to v3.3.6
  • Swiper Slider Plugin Updated to Latest Version
  • Revolution Slider Updated to Latest Version
  • Owl Carousel Plugin Updated to Latest Version
  • Magnific Popup Plugin Updated to Latest Version
  • jQuery Validation Plugin Updated to Latest Version
  • jQuery UI Updated to Latest Version
  • Toastr Plugin Updated to Latest Version
  • Morphext Plugin Updated to Latest Version
  • MB YTPlayer Plugin Updated to Latest Version
  • Instafeed Plugin Updated to Latest Version
  • Jribbble Plugin Updated to Latest Version
  • Flex Slider Plugin Updated to Latest Version
  • Mailchimp API Updated to v3.0
  • Dribbble Widget Function


  • Issue with Slider Parallax on Canvas Slider on Mac OS
  • Issue with Sticky Menu & Sticky PageMenu on Page Reload on the Middle of the Page
  • Issue with Background Position of Parallax Images on Mobile Devices
  • Issue with Youtube BG Video not working in Canvas Slider
  • Issue with Backward/Forward Cache on Safari Browsers
  • Issue with Dribbble Widget not working
  • Issue with .mpost on Smart Phone Devices
  • Issue with Post Grid Row Alignment on Responsive Devices
  • Issue with Multi Line Toggle and Accordion Titles
  • Issue with Video Placeholder Image on Mobile Devices for Canvas Slider
  • Issue with Side Panel disabling Body Scroll on Android Devices
  • Issue with Scroll To Highlighting Function
  • Issue with Google Maps with Transparent Headers on Mobile Devices
  • Issue with Windows Mobile Menu Trigger Icon visibility on Mobile Devices
  • Issue with Auto Height on Flex Slider Fade Effect
  • Issue with Side Navigation Arrow alignment
  • Issue with Notifications Trigger & Visibility
  • Issue with Page Menu Sticky on Mobile Devices
  • Issue with Copyrights Positioning
  • Issue with Nav Tree Current Item Child Links

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