Version 3.0

Released on 28th September, 2015


  • New Demo for Medical
  • New Demo for Media Agency
  • New 10+ One-Page Related Demo Layouts
  • 5+ Window onLoad Modal Examples
  • 100+ Core PSD Files
  • Option to show Alternate Logo for Sticky Header and Mobile Devices
  • Side Panel Examples
  • Sticky Footer and 1 New Footer Layout
  • Primary Menu Sub Menu Items now supports Multi-Line Text
  • More Options for Instagram Widget Photos Retreival
  • Inline Content Lightbox Type
  • Cookie Notification Bar
  • Option to add Icon Color for Social Icons
  • Option to Disable Smooth Scroll
  • Responsive Class Functionality
  • Navigation Tree now supports OnHover Functionality
  • Option to Define Time Out to Disable Page Loading Transition
  • Primary Menu now Supports Lightbox Links
  • Option to Disable Thumbs/Pagination Dots Reveal Animation on FlexSlider
  • Option to Highlight Section when data-scrollto Destination reached
  • Smooth Height Enable/Disable Option for Flex Slider
  • Testimonials Grid 1 Layout
  • New Helper Classes for Faster Editing
  • Option to define Custom Caption Position for Canvas Slider
  • Documentation for Side Panel
  • Documentation for Modal on Load
  • Documentation for Responsive Classes
  • Documentation for Favicons and Apple Touch Icons


  • Bootstrap Updated to v3.3.5
  • IsoTope Plugin to Latest Version
  • RTL Files for New Base Files
  • Documentation for Instagram Widget


  • .light Class to .dark Class in the Calendar Related Files for better Consistency
  • Page Submenu Styling
  • Moved all the Helper Classes from one-page/onepage.css to Main style.css for Global Access
  • Removed Responsive Device Support for Maximum Scale


  • Issue with PageTransition triggering on Same Page # Links
  • Minor Issue with .vertical-middle Class Inline Styling
  • Issue with .css3-spinner > .css3-spinner-ball-pulse-sync Alignment
  • Issue with .countdown-inline Text Transform property
  • Issue with Start/Stop parameters of the Youtube Background Player
  • Issue with Instagram Feeds not retrieving feeds from the correct username
  • Issue with Primary Menu Sub Menu Item texts overlapping
  • Issue with Button in Mobile Devices in contact-5.html Template
  • Issue with Portfolio Parallax Items on Mobile Devices
  • Issue with Bootstrap Pagination Links Color
  • Issue with Bootstrap Nav Pills Active Background Color not matching with Theme Color
  • Issue with Contact Form Processing Files when using Custom Buttons

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