Version 2.5

Released on 10th June, 2015


  • RTL Layout Compatibility
  • Side Panel Trigger from any Linking Element
  • Side Panel can now open from Left/Right Sides
  • Side Panel now supports Push or Overlay on open
  • New Page Loading Animations
  • Option to add any Color to Page Loading Animations
  • Option to add Unique List IDs per Subscription Form for Mailchimp
  • Campaign Monitor Subscription Forms
  • Template for Jobs Form accepting File Uploads
  • Option to make the Page SubMenu Invidually Sticky
  • Option to Initialize Flex Slider with Custom jQuery
  • Option to have a Custom Class for Responsive Headers
  • Centralised Template for all the Widgets
  • Much Easier & Faster way to create Twitter Feeds including Lists & Sliders


  • Updated jQuery
  • Bootstrap to v3.3.4
  • jQuery IsoTope Plugin
  • Youtube Video Plugin
  • Animate.css Plugin
  • jQuery Chart Plugin
  • Animsition Plugin
  • Documentation for Subscription Forms
  • Documentation for Side Panel


  • Simplified Twitter Feed Code Structure
  • Parallax Function Call Options


  • Issue with Sticky Menu extra removeStickyness()
  • Side Panel Better Browser Compatibility
  • Page SubMenu glitch on Responsive Devices
  • Issue with Header Offset returning jQuery Error when there is no Header present
  • Issue with Sub Title Menu separators
  • Issue with Full Screen Slider Parallax on LESS Setup

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