Version 1.3

Released on 17th December, 2014


  • Side Panel Area
  • Minimal Overlay Menu
  • New Loading Styles for the Page Loading Transitions
  • Gallery Support for AJAX Lightbox
  • Fading Feature for the Canvas Slider slider-canvas-fade.html
  • LESS Files
  • Added Overlay Compatibility to Full Google Maps for Transparent Headers


  • Video Order: webm video source placed above mp4 video source for better caching of the Video Files in the Modern Browsers & this will eventaully reduce your Server's Bandwidth Usage. Tested this on our Own Servers.
  • Bootstrap to V3.3.1
  • Page Loading Transitions Script
  • Removed only screen property from Media Queries in CSS Files
  • Documentation


  • Issue with Post Content & Sidebar floats in Responsive Devices
  • z-Index Issue with Toastr Notifications
  • Issue with Menu Style 5 Icons Font Sizing on Responsive Devices
  • Smooth Scrolling Disabled on unnecessary Devices & Browsers.
  • Issue with Header Extras in Firefox & Internet Explorer
  • Issue with Sticky Menu Classes
  • Issues with Body Overflow in Lightbox AJAX Type which prevents Double Scrollbars

Changed Files

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