Version 6.4

Released on 25th May, 2021

Bootstrap 5, Furniture Niche Demos and some fixes.

This Version includes breaking changes. Check the Bootstrap 5 Migration guide before choosing to Upgrade your Website: .


  • Compatibility with Bootstrap 5
  • Furniture Niche Demo
  • XXL Media Query Utility Classes
  • Expire Duration and Path for Modal on Load Cookies
  • CSS Vars functionality for Colors in Colors Scheme file
  • Off-Canvas Template
  • Option to Add Shape Divider manually
  • New Modal Sizes
  • New Notification Position and Custom Notification Trigger
  • Error message validation compatibility for Switch Inputs


  • Bootstrap updated to Latest Version (5.0.1)
  • Bootstrap Select Plugin to Latest Version
  • Select Splitter Plugin updated for compatibility
  • FileStyle Plugin updated to Latest Version
  • Select2 Plugin updated to Latest Version
  • Star Ratings Plugin updated to Latest Version
  • Swiper Plugin updated to Latest Version
  • PHPMailer to Latest Version
  • Animate.css to Latest Version


  • Improvements to JS Execution
  • Replaced Toastr Plugin functionality with Bootstrap Toasts
  • Updated Bootstrap Accordions
  • Updated Bootstrap Alerts
  • Updated Bootstrap List Groups


  • Issue with Menu Links Colors and Sub Menu Container colors when using colors.css in Dark Mode
  • Issue with Text Rotator in Course Niche Demo
  • Header Miscellaneous fixes according to Bootstrap 5
  • Issue with Bot Check Error in SEO Niche Demo
  • Issue with Top Bar jump in Real Estate Niche Demo
  • Issue with Top Bar jump in Travel Niche Demo
  • Issue with Icon List formatting
  • Issue with Icon List Colors
  • Issue with Youtube BG Video in Swiper Sliders
  • Issue with Modal in Shop Single Sticky
  • Issue with Page Transition Loader

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