Version 6.5.5

Released on 21st January, 2022

Updates, Minor Improvements and Fixes.


  • Swiper to Latest Version
  • PHPMailer to Latest Version
  • TinyMCE Plugin to Latest Version
  • DataTable Component to Latest Version
  • File Uploads Component to Latest Version
  • Bootstrap Icons to Latest Version
  • Lazy Loading Plugin to Latest Version
  • TypedJS Plugin to Latest Version


  • Improved flexibility to change Search/Close Icons to Custom Icons for Header Search Functionality
  • Improvements to Default List Styling


  • Issue with Tab Content Grid in Travel Niche Demos
  • Issue with Carousel Items calculation by Responsive Devices
  • Issue with Swiper Slider initialization issue
  • Issue with Cart Quantity not working in Quick View
  • Issue with missing bracket in Buttons SCSS Files

Changed Files

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