Version 5.0

Released on 18th January, 2018

Note: Since Canvas has been upgraded to Bootstrap 4, there are many breaking changes to the Code. It is highly recommended to follow the Bootstrap Migration Guide if you are upgrading Canvas from v4.x or lower.


  • New Bootstrap 4 related Components
  • New Revolution Slider Templates
  • Real Estate Inner Pages
  • Multiple Canvas Swipers supported on the Page
  • Skrollr Parallax Library for smoother and better Parallax compatibility
  • 4 New One Page Templates
  • Dedicated Form Elements Template


  • jQuery Library to Latest Version
  • Bootstrap 4
  • Youtube Background Video Player Plugin to the Latest Version
  • Animate.css to the Latest Version
  • PHPMailer Plugin to Latest Version
  • Isotope Plugin to Latest Version
  • ImagesLoaded Plugin to Latest Version
  • jQuery Paginate Plugin updated to support Bootstrap 4
  • Infinite Scroll Plugin to Latest Version
  • Flex Slider Plugin to Latest Version
  • Hoven Intent Plugin to Latest Version
  • Owl Carousel Plugin to Latest Version
  • Animsition Plugin to Latest Version
  • jQuery UI Tabs to Latest Version
  • jQuery Validation Plugin to Latest Version
  • jQuery Toastr Plugin to Latest Version
  • Sticky Sidebar Plugin to Latest Version
  • Swiper Slider Plugin to Latest Version
  • Revolution Slider Plugin to Latest Version
  • Charts Plugin to Latest Version


  • Isotope GridInit Function now supports RTL Item Origin
  • Improved Portfolio Full Width Grid Calculations
  • Infinite Scroll Functionality
  • Portfolio 1 Column Layout uses less CSS Codes
  • Post Grid Layouts uses less CSS Codes
  • Slider Captions not hidden on Mobile Devices by default, so you can use Bootstrap Responsive Utilities according to your convenience
  • Hero Blur functionality in Resume Niche Demo Template
  • Google Font links updated


  • Missing RTL related Image Icons
  • Issue with Slider Area position when Side Panel (push style) open on Mobile Devices
  • Removed: Nivo Slider
  • Removed: Camera Slider
  • Removed: Elastic Slider
  • Removed: Vector Maps
  • Removed: Component Editable Fields
  • Removed: Stellar Parallax Plugin
  • Removed: Smooth Scroll Plugin

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