Version 6.0.2

Released on 17th June, 2020

A Major Update to fix a lot of minor bugs and fine tune Performance. Including improved User-Experience.


  • 3 Predefined Header Sizes


  • Improved Header Height Management
  • Bootstrap Filestyle Component to the Latest Version
  • ChartJS Plugin to Latest Version


  • Issue with Corporate Home invalid classes
  • Issue with Topbar on eCommerce Niche Demos
  • Issue with Bootstrap JS not loading correctly
  • Issue with JS Plugins caching
  • Issue with JS Plugin Available Class not added if loading the JS Plugins manually
  • Issue with Content Jump on Header Height Initialization
  • Issue with Mega Menu Text Rendering
  • Issue with Responsive Header Classes not working properly on Mobile Sticky Headers
  • Issue with some JS Plugins not initializing correctly
  • Issue with Padding Utility Classes
  • Issue with Sub Menu Link Colors on Dark Scheme
  • Issue with Twitter Feed Slider not working
  • Issue with Header on Barber Niche Demo
  • Issue with Flex Slider Captions
  • Issue with Page Title Styling
  • Issue with Flex Slider not working inside Mega Menus
  • Issue with Filestyle Input in Forms - Job Template
  • Issue with Transparent Headers with Sliders
  • Issue with Tabs, Toggles and Accordions open by Default
  • Issue with Blog Timeline Full Width

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